Subrata Chakravarty, Ph.D.

Subrata Chakravarty, Ph.D.Chief Science & Technology Officer, Hope4Cancer Institute

Our son is super excited and determined to make the best of the opportunity provided by mentor Dr. Vaithi Arumugaswami.

Having mentored many high schoolers during my own graduate years and post-doc career, I completely relate to the desire to make a difference in students’ lives. This summer, I had the opportunity to go back to my alma mater, Stony Brook, for a symposium on my advisor’s 70th birthday. I got to meet a number of my mentees — now all grown up, with families and careers of their own, working at places like the FDA or running their own businesses, etc. They all had one story to tell — that the time they spent with us helped them become who they are today.

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