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Randall Cornateanu, M.D.

General Surgery Resident, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

I think with any student, especially with me in high school, the student-mentor relationship is about cultivating passion. For example, I remember I would always try to think of cures for HIV and bring them up to my mentor, who actually ran through the ideas with me and explained the flaws — and most importantly, did not brush them off. She definitely inspired me to keep thinking and keep trying to find another solution. Having a mentor who really cares about the personal development of their student goes a long way. Having my mentor come to my science symposiums at my high school to watch me present meant a lot.

I still remember the article that got me published; it was my proudest accomplishment. It got me so much more excited about pursuing a career in science. That article was even brought up during my residency interviews! It showed I pursued science from a very young age. Giving a student something they can be proud of can definitely amplify their passion and drive as well as help them in their future.


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