Nikhil Chakravarty, Student

Nikhil ChakravartyWorking with my mentor, Dr. Vaithi, has been an extremely rewarding experience. The opportunity to research the effects of noncoding RNA on the human body, the basis for our current project, has been amazing. This is some of the newest and most revolutionary science in the field of genetics right now!

I have learned different software that allows me to compare different strands of RNA and, in the process, have learned about the structure of RNA. Through guidance from my mentor, I have learned fundamental beliefs about noncoding RNA to progress in our research.

The monthly meetings with my mentor are really beneficial for me, as they provide guidance and clarity to the direction of my work with him. Due to school currently being in session, Dr. Vaithi is providing guidance while I work on my own and touch base with him periodically. We have plans to meet more over the summer so that I can research alongside his team with his undergrad students. I am looking forward to this opportunity and I am doing as much preliminary work as possible to prepare myself.

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