Mary F. Battle Memorial Educational Fund

P.O. Box 633
Charleston, WV United States 25322-0633
Telephone: (304) 265-2497
Contact: Robert Charles Maynard
Application addresses: c/o St. Augustine Catholic Church, Attn.: Rev. Ronald G. Prechtl, 17 W. Washington St., Grafton, WV 26354-1305, tel.: (304) 265-1848; c/o Superintendent of Schools, Attn.: Jane M. Reynolds, 1 Prospect St., Grafton, WV 26354-1230, tel.: (304) 265-2497; c/o Grafton High School, Attn.: James Romeo, Principal, 400 Riverside Dr., Grafton, WV 26354-1654, tel.: (304) 265-3046; c/o Anna Jarvis Elementary School, Attn.: Linda Sharp, Principal, 650 N. Pike St., Grafton, WV 26354-1220, tel.: (304) 265-4090; c/o Taylor Middle School, Attn.: Mary Ann Merrifield, Counselor, R.R. 2 Box 148A, Grafton, WV 26354-9617, tel.: (304) 265-0722

Application Information
Application form required.
Applicants should submit the following:

1. Name, address and phone number of organization

Initial approach: Letter
Deadline(s): None

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