MiOra realizes that it is challenging to find clinical shadowing opportunities unless one has personal connections with people in the medical field. The shadowing programs are not openly advertised, and it may take a lot of time and effort to set them up. In addition, the time in the examination room is usually very short, not very didactic and may be with poor viewing angle.

MiOra virtual physician shadowing program solves these challenges by providing short educational videos that demonstrate a physical examination performed by a physician from the University of Wisconsin. The program includes the following videos: patient interview, vital signs examination, eye examination, axilla, pulmonry and cardiac examination, head and neck examination, abdominal examination and upper and lower extremities examination. In total, the course provides approximately 2.5 hours of virtual shadowing. The students learn how to appropriately interview a patient and conduct physical examination.

Once paid, the students have unlimited time to complete the course. 80% passing score is required to be certified.

MiOra virutal physician shadowing program is convenient. There is no need to travel and it is at your own pace! Click the link below to access the program.


Interview an adult patient

Conduct a musculoskeletal examination

Conduct a general physical examination

Conduct a neurologic examination