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Building Emotional Intelligence

Despite occasional or numerous protests, adolescents need and want adult supervision, guidance and protection on the way to adulthood (“A Reference for Professionals: DevelopingAdolescents; American Psychological Association; 2002”). MiOra ( hopes that you enjoy the games in the link with your teenager to build emotional intelligence (offered by    

Introducing Psalm

Psalm Pineo-Cavanaugh is a junior at The Buckley School in California and the newest MiOra mentee ( Psalm is passionate about Biology and hopes to create a career for herself in the field. Together with her MiOra mentor, Psalm is working on a cutting-edge survey-based project to understand the differences between the digital and real-world personalities of adolescents. If you’d like to follow Psalm’s exciting journey or donate to help her fund her research, please visit her page at! Thank you!    

Creating A Brighter Future

Check us out at E. M. Forster, a renowned British novelist, once said: “Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon”. There are many quotes on the long term impact of teaching. MiOra’s mission is to connect students with mentors to improve college entry and completion in the fields of healthcare and STEM.  

Congrats Dr. Penn

Mark A. Penn, MD, MBA is the Founding Dean of the new College of Medicine at Roseman University in Nevada. The program plans to enroll 60 students beginning in the summer of 2017 and grow over the years into a premier, private allopathic medical school. The College will be located in Summerlin and aims to improve the health of the communities of Southern Nevada and the Intermountain West. Roseman University already has Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy and Dental Medicine. MiOra ( congratulates Dr. Penn and all the visionaries!

Mentors Elevate Those Around Them

Mentor is someone who wants to elevate those around them. MiOra mentors help high school and college students identify their career passions and strengths. (For more info, check out

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Inter-Pregnancy Intervals

Agustin Conde-Agudelo and colleagues from the University of Valle in Cali, Colombia, used data from 7 observational studies (1130210 children in total, from 1965 to 2015) and observed that, after correcting for the confounding variables, the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder was more common among children born to women with inter pregnancy intervals (IPIs) of less than 12 months compared to those with IPIs of more than 36 months, and the diagnosis of developmental delay and cerebral palsy was more common for children born to women with IPIs longer than 36 months (Pediatrics 2016).

Introducing Dr. Wendy Hall

Wendy Hall is an award winning computer science professor at the University of Southampton, England. She served in leadership positions at many prestigious organizations, some of which she founded. Hall has recently been named as the Kluge Chair in Technology and Society at the Library of Congress. During her three months of residency, she will explore the economic, social and technical dimensions that contribute to the development of the web as a “socio-technical system.” MiOra believes that sharing the mentor and mentee stories online creates a quality learning community. Congratulations Dr Hall!

Introducing Dr. Zeynep Madak Erdogan

Zeynep Madak Erdogan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Nutrition at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and she is also a MiOra mentor ( Dr Erdogan’s NIFA and Pfizer Inc. funded lab is studying the molecular mechanisms involved in the role of estrogens on healthy and diseased physiology including breast cancer and obesity. Her recent findings show that in the ovariectomized obese mouse model, dietary licorice root powder supplement reduced weight gain and fat deposition (Mol Nutrition Food Res 2016). We thank Dr Erdogan for being a MiOra mentor and will continue to follow her research!

Financial Aid Information

Each year, colleges and universities spend approximately 3 million hours verifying FAFSA information, including income and tax return data; about two million Pell Grant-eligible students do not fill out the FAFSA; financial hardships keep millions from applying. The U.S. Education Department is taking further steps to help stop this. Colleges can now verify tax return info when students apply electronically, using data retrieved from the IRS, and financial aid application can be submitted starting October rather than January. Please check the link below for details.

Department of Education Internships

If you are a high school student interested in public service or pursuing a federal career, The US Department of Education (ED) offers unpaid internships for students interested in government and federal education policy and administration. Volunteers have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions and gain invaluable experience. ED offers internships in the fall, winter/spring, and summer for eight to ten weeks. Please see the link for more information: