Community Work Opportunities

In the United States, high school and college students may be required to complete community service/volunteer hours to be eligible to graduate. In California this requirement is 75 hours between the grades 9 and 12. Although this is an excellent goal, completing the community service can be challenging due to the limited extracurricular time and travel/transportation issues.

MiOra is a Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. In order to overcome these challenges and allow students to get community hours while strengthenning their resume academically for STEM and healthcare careers, MiOra developed public health project opportunities. The students can complete these activities in their own community, on their own time/availability and get community hours.

The administrative fee of $45 covers the cost of the training material, mentoring and tracking. Completing the online training is required and gives 2 hours of community service.  If you like to participate, please sign up as a mentee on and go to to select the community work you would like to do. Please check the Mioratalentlms site periodically for new public health projects posted.

Once you select a copyrighted MiOra public health platform on you will get access to the Background information page and to the Teaching Points. You will read those and take a simple, 10 question test to assess learning. You can take this test as many times as needed to pass and certify.

Once certified, you can go out and educate the people in your community by using the Teaching Points. You will assess the impact of your education by collecting and reporting the answers to three questions from each subject you educate; MiOra will provide those questions to you once you sign up. You can record the subject’s feedback in a notebook with the subjects initials. MiOra does not ask you to record names. Community hours are awarded for getting certified, educating your community and collecting feedback. MiOra will send you Weekly Report emails to report activities and volunteer hours.

The students who are interested in conducting public health research should send an email to  with that request.