Mentee Updates

MiOra Mentees Fabian Ruiz, Jocelyn Nunez, Antony Suarez and Mario Velarde are ranked as the top students in their respective programs and are being awarded the opportunity to visit the LA County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Bureau.

Congratulations to  James Monroe High School Police Academy Magnet juniors Fabian Ruiz and Jocelyn Nunez and Reseda High School Police Magnet seniors Antony Suarez and Mario Velarde for ranking as the top students in their respective programs and for being awarded the opportunity to visit the LA County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Bureau. Suarez and Velarde have been in the Police Magnet since middle school and will continue their training at the Police Orientation Preparation Program (POPP): a 2-year college degree program for graduating high school students. MiOra is extremely proud of their efforts and determination to continue the proud tradition of protecting and serving their communities. Thank you to James Monroe High School LAPD Officer Joel Frias, LA...[Read More]

MiOra Mentee Nikhil Chakravarty was Accepted to UCI

During the summer of 2016 MiOra connected Nikhil with Dr. Vaithi Arumugaswami at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Regenerative Medicine Institute. Nikhil got the opportunity to do research on Alagille Syndrom and presented his findings in various scientific forums. He has also been named as a valedictorian at the Granada Hills Charter High School and won the title of California High School Speech Association’s State Champion in the event of Original Advocacy out of nearly 300 students.  Nikhil has recently been accepted to the University of California (UC)-Davis, Baylor, Trinity, and UCSC as well as UC – Irvine. He decided to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences at UCI. He thinks that the extracurricular experience he had at MiOra provided him an advantage, since the BioSci majo...[Read More]

NEW MIORA MENTEE: Leslin Hernandez

MiOra ( welcomes Leslin Hernandez as a new mentee. MiOra connected Leslin with mentor Wendy Gerber at Immunization Coalition of Los Angeles County. Leslin is now a member at the Vaccine Confidence Committee and the Adolescent Vaccines Committee. She is actively involved in identifying resources for the providers and patients in English and Spanish while gaining real-world experience in public health, pediatrics and preventive medicine. The eldest of 3 daughters, Leslin is a first generation college attendee and an undergraduate at UCSD Pre-Med program. She is a member of the International Health Collective that offers free health services in Tijuana and a member of Chicanos/ Latinos for Community Medicine group that provides community service. Her goal is to become a doctor a...[Read More]

Joi Bryant’s Interview with Dr. Gul Bahtiyar

Joi Bryant, a junior @pre-med MiOra mentee from Tulane University @TulaneU, interviewed her mentor, Endocrinologist Dr. Gul Bahtiyar, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center @NYULangone. Joi is passionate about caring for patients with @diabetes. Dr. Bahtiyar gave Joi guidance on the educational path, life style and career options for an endocrinologist.  Joi B:  Can you describe your profession as an Endocrinologist / a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center? Dr. Bahtiyar: As an Endocrinologist, I focus on the endocrine system and specifically place emphasis on heart disease, the kidneys, genetics, obesity, and diabetes. It is a great lifestyle,  requires a lot of thinking and intellectual skills. There is a l...[Read More]

Ozan Berk Imir’s Internship @ Weill Cornell Medical College

The 20 year old, Ozan Berk Imir, acclaimed MiOra mentee, recently concluded his 8-week volunteer research internship @WeillCornellMedicine. He not only gained real world experience in laboratory techniques but also developed strong professional relationships. His mentor, Dr. Steven Witkin PhD., is a world renowned Professor of Immunology in Ob/Gyn (William J. Ledger Distinguished) with expertise in preterm labor and preeclampsia.   MiOra and Dr. Witkin of Cornell commend Ozan for completing the summer volunteer internship. In Dr. Witkin’s lab, Ozan worked closely with Neil Normand and gained real world laboratory experience. Ozan helped process over 300 patient buccal swab samples to isolate epithelial cells and conducted PCR-coupled gel electrophoresis to examine whether there ...[Read More]

MiOra Mentee Jordan Kondo is Now Connected w/ Dr. Arlan Richardson

MiOra is excited to report that Professor Dr Arlan Richardon @OUHSC and Jordan Kondo @USC are now connected. Dr Richardson, the Founding Director of the Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and Professor of Geriatric Medicine and the Donald W. Reynolds Endowed Chair of Aging Research at OUHSC #OUHSC and Senior VA Career Scientist at the OKC Veterans Affair Medical Center kindly agreed to guide Jordan Kondo, a senior undergraduate student from University of Southern California @USC with Human Biology major. Jordan is passionate about becoming a medical doctor and working on aging and nutrition. Dr Arlan Richardson earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Oklahoma State University and for the past 40 years, he has devo...[Read More]

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau is Keeping Us Safe

James Monroe High School Police Academy Magnet students Guillemo M. and Giovanni G. won the MiOra Best Student Award and visited the LA County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau. The students observed Air 5, the Super Puma Helicopter, training with a local SWAT team.  We learned that some of the deputies who fly in Air 5 are tactical paramedics, divers, and are also trained in mountaineering. They may be dropped off in a remote area, for days, looking for a missing person. Students realized that Sheriff’s do detective work, and at times use the help of a canine partner. This arson investigator Sheriff dog, Segen, works with her partner, Sergeant Zolkowski, to find the source of fires.  The dog is trained to smell accelerants in fires. With increasing inte...[Read More]

Considering Becoming a Pharmacist? Interview with Dr Annie Wong-Beringer, Associate Dean at USC School of Pharmacy

Students! Are you interested in a career in Pharmacy? Pharmaceutical Engineering? Read MiOra mentee, Compton High School student Sergio G.’s interview with Annie Wong-Beringer, PharmD, FIDSA, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs and Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs at University of Southern California (USC) School of Pharmacy. Sergio G: Dr Wong-Beringer, thank you for taking the time to meet with me.  What is the educational path to becoming a pharmacist?  Dr Wong-Beringer:  Students often apply to Pharmacy School after completing 4 years of undergraduate training. Recently there has been a trend to get Pharmacy Technician License  prior to entering into Pharmacy Schools. Students with a Pharmacy Technician License have the adv...[Read More]

NEW MENTEE: Sergio G. from Compton High School

MiOra ( congratulates the Compton High School Senior Sergio G. for his hard work at school, perseverance and motivation to be the greatest. Sergio is an all “A” student at school and wants to become a Pharmacist to help people. His motivation lies in his desire to be the best role model for his younger brothers and sister, and open the path for college education for them, without having to worry about the cost. Sergio is very focused on the career he wants to develop. He has already connected to Dr. Wong-Beringer at USC School of Pharmacy.    Sergio does not give up or quit! He overcomes most of his challenges by taking the responsibility and thinking about solutions. He is also very self aware and elicits the help of the others when he knows h...[Read More]

MiOra Ambassador at Santa Barbara High School

MiOra ( congratulates Raymond “Ray” Holguin-Navarro, MiOra ambassador, for his dedication to the community, focus in his career and hard work.   Ray has just graduated from Santa Barbara HS where he received Community Service Award for over 5,000 hours of community work. He received the Olive and Gold Award; which is given to only one student every year and Dons Pride Scholarship award for his academic achievement, and major participation in the community and the school. Ray will be attending Santa Barbara Community College for his EMT License, after which he plans to transfer to Allan Hancock College for his Fire Science degree. Ray’s uncle, Ray Navarro, the Retired Division Chief at Santa Barbara County Fire, is his role model because of his intellige...[Read More]

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