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Mentee Updates

Gene Editing: An Inevitable Future

By Anisha Bellur, Walnut High School, Walnut, CA 91789, Class of 2020 Edited by Caitlyn Kellogg, University of Southern California, Class of 2017   What Exactly is Gene Editing? Genes are made of DNA and provide the code for protein synthesis. During DNA replication, due to environmental factors or coincidence, changes, or mutations, may occur in the DNA. This may result in alterations to the new strand being synthesized. Gene editing is when mutations such as insertion, deletion or replacement of DNA are induced by scientists at a specific DNA site in order to engineer a new DNA sequence of their choosing1.   Is Gene Editing a New Technology? No, gene editing is not new and has been used by scientists for several decades in yeast, bacteria, mice, zebrafish, and other organisms i...[Read More]

Miora Acknowledges Caitlyn Kellogg

Caitlyn is a new MiOra intern and she has already made a great impact in MiOra-American Heart Association/American Stroke Association-Immunization Coalition of LA County efforts to prevent stroke in the LA County. After graduating from La Jolla High School, San Diego, Caitlyn received a B.A. degree in Biological Sciences (minor in Science, Health and Aging) in 2017 from the University of Southern California. She will be attending medical school in the fall of 2018. Caitlyn is interested in geriatrics and dermatology, and she is passionate about teaching and mentoring. Caitlyn wants to pursue academic medicine and she says this is why she enjoys working for MiOra. Future Professor Doctor Caitlyn Kellogg! #USC #mentoring #La Jolla High School #stroke #ICLAC #AHA #ASA #academic #Miora #medici...[Read More]

MiOra Congratulates Eugene Salonga

Eugene is a graduate of Charter Oak High School in Covina, California and he is currently majoring in psychology at CSULA. After six years at U.S. Navy as an Aircrewman Acoustic Operator, Eugene is transitioning into civilian life with the same passion to help fellow men and women.  As he is transitioning, his relationships in the navy and philosophies of Psychologists Viktor  Frankl ( and Abraham Carl Maslowe (, are influencing him to be a humanistic psychologist, empowering individuals.  Eugene is currently using the MiOra “Exercise and Mental Health” platform to educate his classmates on the ease and effectiveness of high intensity interval training for health. Ke...[Read More]

MiOra Acknowledges Lucy Baden

MiOra is proud to have Lucy Baden as their Statistical Director. A graduate of Castilleja High School and Carnegie Mellon University (B.S. in Statistics and minor in Computer Science), Lucy Baden is currently pursuing her Masters of Applied Statistics at UCLA. She is also a research assistant at Sociometrics Corporation in Los Altos, California, looking at the effectiveness of an online support community for teachers and health care facilitators.  Ms. Baden is passionate about social and behavioral health and the use of data to determine what research is significant, whether programs and products developed based on this research are effective, and how they should be practically implemented. At MiOra she has been involved in statistical app development and research data analysis. ...[Read More]

MiOra Students Submitted 4 Abstracts to the USC Moving Targets LA Symposium

Congratulations to: Jason Alvarez from STEM Academy Hollywood, Nikhil Chakravarty from Granada Hills Charter High School, Nada Dalati from Walnut High School, Sergio Guido from Compton High School, Lili Jimenez-Duran from Cal State Fullerton, Kimberly Felix from Cal State Los Angeles Sila Koksal from Trakya University Jamie Rae Weisenberg from Syracuse University for submitting their research/public health findings to this Symposium.      We thank Lucy Baden from UCLA Masters of Applied Statistics for her statistical expertise, and of course none of this would be possible without our mentors and teachers. Thank you Prof. Dr. Margie Morgan from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center/UCLA and Vice Principal Esther Dabagyan from STEM Academy of Hollywood.

MiOra Celebrates the Hard Work of Francess Odibo

   Francess is a MiOra mentee and a rising junior at UC Berkeley. She has recently been accepted into the competitive Public Health training program at UC Berkeley and has been busy summer-interning for Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Healthy Living Department for the last two years.    Francess is committed to public work; she is a fellow at the Future Leadership Project of the Student National Medical Association, and Youth Activism Fellow at the Tobacco Control Advocacy Program of the Truth Initiative organization.     Francess is a UC Berkeley Chapter Honoree for National Society of Leadership and Success, awardee at the Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement, and a scholar at the South Central Scholars Foundation. Keep up ...[Read More]

MiOra Applauds Lili Jimenez for Her Commitment to Public Health

One of the newest MiOra mentees, Lili Jimenez, is a senior at Cal State Fullerton, majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish and Chemistry.  Lili’s career goal is to become an academic physician, take care of patients, teach and do research. First and foremost Lili believes in disease prevention and is passionate about serving those in underserved communities.  Lili has recently started volunteering for American Heart Association and has quickly proven herself with a strong work ethic, attention to detail and a goal focused attitude. Lili learned about the importance of hard work and education from her parents; neither of whom had the chance to attend college. After 6th grade, Lili’s father worked to support his single mother and 7 siblings and Lili’s mom dedi...[Read More]

MiOra Congratulates Maryam Mufti

Maryam Mufti is a rising junior at the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) and a new MiOra mentee. MiOra congratulates Maryam for volunteering at NPH-Honduras orphanage this summer and shadowing the surgeons at the ranch. Maryam excels in science, is passionate about service, and hopes to enter a BS/MD medical program after high school. She likes to read and enjoys nature. She is working on an oncology public health project with her MiOra mentor Dr. Jamie Holloway, and she hopes to present her findings at a scientific conference. Throughout her many endeavors to achieve her passions, her parents have always been a great support for her. Maryam’s mom is currently studying for a bachelors degree in nursing. Keep up the good work Maryam! #IMSA #NPH-orphanage

Invitation from Our Partner MiMentor

Invitation from Our Partner MiMentor Health Summit: Building Awareness of Healthcare Access in our Community Harbor-UCLA Family Medicine and Summer Urban Health Fellowship presents an informative Health Summit that will cover the following  topics: • Building Awareness of Healthcare Access in our Community • Addressing Environmental Concerns • Community Empowerment This event will be taking place in both English and Spanish. #RisetoHealth For more information, please contact: Maria Rosales at:  Hope to see you there! Drs. Puvvula and Granados #mimentor #miora

MiOra Congratulates Kimberly Felix

Kimberly Felix is a senior at California State University, Los Angeles where she is majoring in Public Health. Kimberly, a first-generation college student, takes pride in being a role model for her three younger siblings. More importantly, she is grateful for all the love and support from her parents. Her mother helps her overcome high-stress situations with empathy and words of wisdom. Her father acts as a guardian angel, swooping in to save the day when she forgets her textbook on an exam day. Though her parents do not have a college degree, they exemplified the need for hard work in order to succeed to a growing Kimberly. Kimberly learned the importance of creating and working to achieve individual goals. Her interest in Public Health began during her volunteering experience at a commu...[Read More]