Career Development

MiOra is Partnering with UCLA Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) Program

UCLA’s Department of Statistics is one of the highest-ranked programs in the world. The department has a forward looking focus with foundations in both the mathematical and computational sciences. MiOra nonprofit foundation ( will work with UCLA MAS program students to solve real scientific questions.  Collaboration with UCLA MAS program provides MiOra direct conduit for interaction with the world-class faculty at UCLA. For more info about UCLA MAS, visit PARTNERS – UCLA Master of Applied Statistics.

Guidance For Prospective Medical Doctors

Dr. Iris Li ( answers the two most common questions from students interested in a career in medicine: “Why did you decide to become a medical doctor?” and “What is the daily life of a doctor like?”. Dr. Li answers that there are several core qualities that are essential to being a good doctor. The first is a passion for science and the second is a love for continuous learning. A physician treats the patients based on data and science, but Dr. Li quickly adds that there is an “art” element to practicing medicine, and that no patients are identical, even if their presenting complaints are the same. She gives an example of four children, each presenting with leg pain. They all have different diagnoses and need different treatments....[Read More]

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