About Miora

Sheriff’s Award

MiOra (www.miora.org) awarded the top two students at LAUSD James Monroe High School (JMHS) Police Academy Magnet, Guillemo Magana (Captain of a class of approximately 160 students) and Geovanni Garcia (Lieutenant) with a private tour of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Departments Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB). SEB is responsible for handling high-risk tactical operations. The award was presented by MiOra Chairman Michael Deitch and the President Dr. Ozlem Equils. MiOra is looking forward to supporting Guillemo and Geovanni and James Monroe High School students in college entry and completion. Special thanks go to Mr Paul Graber, the JMHS Magnet Coordinator, for providing this opportunity to the students!

NEW PARTNERSHIP: AAP-CA2, American Academy of Pediatrics California Chapter 2

NEW PARTNERSHIP: MiOra Nonprofit Foundation (www.miora.org) is partnering with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) California Chapter 2 (aapca2.org) to provide mentorship and scholarships to promising high school students interested in Healthcare and STEM in the Los Angeles, Kern, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Riverside and Ventura Counties.  The AAP-CA2 Medicine-Biological Sciences Scholarship Program was established in 1995 by Dr. Ed Curry, a practicing Pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente Fontana, California and has awarded over 65 scholarships to promising high school seniors. Please check out the scholarship on their Charitable Donations Page: http://aapca2.org/donate We thank Dr. Tomas Torices, the current Executive Director of AAP-CA2 for being the catalyzer...[Read More]

Creating A Brighter Future

Check us out at www.miora.org. E. M. Forster, a renowned British novelist, once said: “Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon”. There are many quotes on the long term impact of teaching. MiOra’s mission is to connect students with mentors to improve college entry and completion in the fields of healthcare and STEM.  

3 Types of People To Surround Yourself With

It is the role of the inspired to come up with ideas, the excited to convert these ideas into action, and the role of the grateful to support that action. It is our role, in MiOra Connection, to bring them all together.

Karoline Jones – Testimony

Many thanks to Ozlem Equils, MD, FAAP for her devoted efforts to mentor my step-daughter Niki. The MiOra mentor program provided Niki invaluable opportunities to work with esteemed physicians and scientists and gave her keen insight as she plans to pursue a science related study program. Niki has been accepted to all 5 of the universities she applied, including receiving special recognition and scholarship opportunities. I highly recommend this fantastic program!

Who Are We?

MiOra is a web-based mentoring program that connects high school and college students with accomplished mentors in the medical and STEM fields. Through the guidance of a mentor, students complete a real-world project, which helps them develop personal skills (EQ) as well as academic skills for college entry and completion. In addition, MiOra provides scholarship support for student projects. The mentor’s guided work helps the student use his/her time more efficiently to focus on his/her career passion. MiOra also closely tracks the student’s progress and shares it with the community. Welcome!