MiOra & Miss Garden Grove Success: Garden Grove’s Community Health Fair (9/30)

MiOra & Miss Garden Grove Success: Garden Grove’s Community Health Fair (9/30)

Miora | October 14, 2018

MiOra Interns— Daniel Lopez, Michelle Seu, Mellanie Soth, Bunny Horn, and Aaron Esagoff—attended the Garden Grove’s Community Health Fair, educating fair attendees on the following MiOra programs: HPV, Flu Awareness, 16-year-old Platform, Adult Immunization, Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), and Mental Health. Obtaining great hands-on and clinical experience, the majority of MiOra interns performed blood pressure checks, in addition to teaching healthy lifestyle changes and collecting data, which are a few of the many valuable and practical skills gained by participating in MiOra’s DPP! Furthermore, many interns took advantage of the attending organizations to network with Chapman University’s School of Pharmacy (specifically the Vietnamese American Pharmacy Student Association), WIC, Asian Associations (The Cambodian Family and OCAPICA), and Orange County’s Mental Health services (including special needs like TASK).


We would like to extend our gratitude to Miss Garden Grove Sarah Bui and MiOra’s Daniel Lopez, the coordinators of this fair, as well as their teammates that help made this fair possible: MiOra’s Outreach Coordinator Michelle Seu, as well as the Garden Grove’s City Christy-Linh Le and Local Harvest Farmers’ Market Director Lee Ostendorf. In addition, thank you to 7Leaves for sponsoring the refreshments for the fair’s volunteers.


If you are interested in volunteering at a future health fair with MiOra, please feel free to sign up and contact us at MiOra.org!

Mellanie Soth educating a fair attendee on nutrition and performing a blood pressure screening

A glimpse of the many attending organizations and chalk drawings!

Thank you 7Leaves for your delicious & thirst-quenching drinks!

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