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MiOra Acknowledges Lucy Baden

MiOra is proud to have Lucy Baden as their Statistical Director. A graduate of Castilleja High School and Carnegie Mellon University (B.S. in Statistics and minor in Computer Science), Lucy Baden is currently pursuing her Masters of Applied Statistics at UCLA. She is also a research assistant at Sociometrics Corporation in Los Altos, California, looking at the effectiveness of an online support community for teachers and health care facilitators. 

Ms. Baden is passionate about social and behavioral health and the use of data to determine what research is significant, whether programs and products developed based on this research are effective, and how they should be practically implemented. At MiOra she has been involved in statistical app development and research data analysis. 

In the future she aims to not only design and run effective experiments, but also to find ways to present the results in simple, clear, and interesting ways. 

Giving a shout out to Lucy for her hard work, continuous desire to learn, attention to detail and excellent team attitude! 

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