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MiOra Applauds Lili Jimenez for Her Commitment to Public Health

One of the newest MiOra mentees, Lili Jimenez, is a senior at Cal State Fullerton, majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish and Chemistry. 

Lili’s career goal is to become an academic physician, take care of patients, teach and do research. First and foremost Lili believes in disease prevention and is passionate about serving those in underserved communities.  Lili has recently started volunteering for American Heart Association and has quickly proven herself with a strong work ethic, attention to detail and a goal focused attitude.

Lili learned about the importance of hard work and education from her parents; neither of whom had the chance to attend college. After 6th grade, Lili’s father worked to support his single mother and 7 siblings and Lili’s mom dedicated her life to being a mother after high school. Thank you to these selfless parents! Keep up the good work Lili! The future Professor Doctor Lili Jimenez, MD PhD.

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