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MiOra Congratulates Kimberly Felix

Kimberly Felix is a senior at California State University, Los Angeles where she is majoring in Public Health. Kimberly, a first-generation college student, takes pride in being a role model for her three younger siblings. More importantly, she is grateful for all the love and support from her parents. Her mother helps her overcome high-stress situations with empathy and words of wisdom. Her father acts as a guardian angel, swooping in to save the day when she forgets her textbook on an exam day. Though her parents do not have a college degree, they exemplified the need for hard work in order to succeed to a growing Kimberly. Kimberly learned the importance of creating and working to achieve individual goals. Her interest in Public Health began during her volunteering experience at a community hospital where she observed health disparities firsthand. She was particularly moved by the communication barrier between patients and doctors. She acted as a translator, as she is fluent in English and Spanish. Kimberly aspires to pursue a career in epidemiology. She is studying how an individual’s health disparities can impact their health-related states or events. By doing this, she seeks to be an integral part of bringing positive change to her community.  When Kimberly is not busy studying and changing the world, she loves reading and swimming. Learn more about Kimberly and other students like her at

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