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MiOra Healthcare Career Event at Kid City

On October 20, 2016 MiOra (www.miora.org) partnered with Kid City to organize a STEM and healthcare career event at their location in downtown Los Angeles. Kid City is a nonprofit community organization that aims to provide a safe and enriching after-school place for high school and college students from  Central and South Los Angeles areas. Most of Kid City students are first generation college attendees. 

MiOra mentor Dr. Chris da Costa, President Dr. Equils and Bioengineering/Engineering and STEM Development Director Ella Uludag  shared their educational experiences, challenges and expertise with the students. The students actively engaged in the conversation, asked specific questions about their career goals and the lifestyle in a career in STEM fields. The students were inspired to set goals, work hard for those goals and not give up but ask for guidance. For many of these students basic things like healthy food, college application fees are challenging to find. They have to work several jobs, take care of the family while they are trying to get good grades at the college.



MiOra is a nonprofit 501(c)3 whose mission is to improve diversity in healthcare and STEM fields by supporting students who are passionate and particularly those who are also fighting socioeconomic challenges. Please support MiOra’s efforts in our community by donating at http://miora.org/donate/

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