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NEW MIORA MEMBER & Director of Bioengineering and Engineering Advising: Ms. Ecehan ULUDAG

MiOra welcomes Ms. Ecehan Uludag as the Director of Bioengineering and Engineering Advising.
Passionate about engineering and about being an engineering educator, Ecehan is a graduate of University of California Irvine and holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. As the Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering course at UCI, Ecehan witnessed the challenges encountered by the freshman and senior students, and she is looking forward to developing MiOra’s Bioengineering and Engineering Mentoring Program that will make engineering more interesting and less intimidating to the high school students. One of Ecehan’s primary goals is to introduce the engineering processes to the high school students.

Photo: Ecehan Uludag

Ecehan Uludag

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