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Ozan Berk Imir’s Internship @ Weill Cornell Medical College

The 20 year old, Ozan Berk Imir, acclaimed MiOra mentee, recently concluded his 8-week volunteer research internship @WeillCornellMedicine. He not only gained real world experience in laboratory techniques but also developed strong professional relationships. His mentor, Dr. Steven Witkin PhD., is a world renowned Professor of Immunology in Ob/Gyn (William J. Ledger Distinguished) with expertise in preterm labor and preeclampsia.
MiOra and Dr. Witkin of Cornell commend Ozan for completing the summer volunteer internship. In Dr. Witkin’s lab, Ozan worked closely with Neil Normand and gained real world laboratory experience. Ozan helped process over 300 patient buccal swab samples to isolate epithelial cells and conducted PCR-coupled gel electrophoresis to examine whether there are any differences (polymorphisms) in genes that control immune proteins such as IL1RA, HPV, COMT and MBL in those patients. He worked tediously through the technical challenges and grew not only professionally but also personally. The doctors, researchers and students in Dr. Witkin’s laboratory were very welcoming. His graduate coworkers taught Ozan about the challenges of being an international medical graduate. Ozan was mentored not only by Dr. Witkin but also by every single one of his colleagues and formed tight relationships “By the end of this internship, I I learned so much from the people I spent my summer with and I became a part of the team”.w

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